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   The Brad Frame Series



A Brad Frame Mystery #1

Brad Frame is invited to the execution by lethal injection of Frank Wilkie, one of two men responsible for the death of his mother and sister. Afterward the prison chaplain thrusts the condemned man’s Bible into his hands. Within hours another man is anxious to get his hands on Wilkie’s Bible and Brad suspects the motivation could involve the still missing ransom money from the kidnapping. Brad’s world is once again turned upside down as he and Sharon unravel an eleven-year-old mystery.


A Brad Frame Mystery #2

A cold-blooded killer is murdering transplant patients at Philadelphia’s Strickland Memorial Hospital while the biggest snow storm of the century strands medical personnel and strains their ability to deal with the crisis. Philadelphia private detective Brad Frame and his assistant Sharon Porter lock horns with the hospital’s security chief while the administrator seems more interested in positive PR than the safety of her patients. 

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A Brad Frame Mystery #3

 In this riveting tale of porn-making gone awry, Brad Frame is trying to find Jeremy Young. He’s a runaway from Maple Grove, an institution for juvenile delinquents, and last seen “starring” in an adult video. During the search it becomes apparent that other under-age young men have been recruited from Maple Grove to do porn. When things turn deadly it is clear that the pornographers will stop at nothing to keep their illicit operation from being discovered. 


A Brad Frame Mystery #4

South Carolina ceramic artist Amanda Carothers interrupts Brad Frame’s vacation to ask for his help in investigating her son Dana’s death from five years earlier. Although his death was ruled a suicide, Amanda believes Dana was murdered. Reactions to Dana’s death tore her family apart, and a fresh investigation threatens to make those rifts permanent.


A Brad Frame Mystery #5

Rachel Tetlow asks Brad Frame to investigate the unsolved murder of her father, who served on a jury in a racketeering case against a Philadelphia-area drug kingpin. Her father’s death resulted in a mistrial. As his investigation in the Tetlow case gets underway, Frame is summoned to jury duty on a sensational local murder that appears to have captured everyone’s attention except his.


A Brad Frame Mystery #6

Brad Frame turns to his friend, Nick Argostino, for help in solving one of his most baffling cases where murder victims are found already embalmed. Brad finds that Nick is knee deep in his own problems, as forces within the police department seem bent on ruining his career and costing him his livelihood. 


A Brad Frame Mystery #7 (7th in the series, but action takes place before book #1)

Joel Driscoll, a buddy of Brad Frame since middle school, draws him into the hunt for a missing person. Against the backdrop of a nation reeling from the 9/11 attacks, Brad’s quest finds marital infidelity, a tangled web of betrayal from a business rival, and a murder in which the prime suspect has been framed. This case puts Brad and his young career to the test, pushing the limits as he butts heads with the police.


A Brad Frame Mystery #8

Zane Scott Tilghman hopes lightning will strike a second time, and his new Off-Broadway play, GAMBIT, will become a hit... possibly transfer to Broadway. His personal life has been a mess, but things are looking up with a new boyfriend and investors willing to back his play, until personal tragedy and on-stage mayhem strike. Brad Frame isn't confident he'll be able to make sense of an untimely death, let alone salvage Tilghman's career.


A Brad Frame Mystery #9

Sharon Porter, Brad's trusty assistant, is front and center in an investigation of political corruption at the highest levels of city government. She goes undercover in an assignment that brings far more than she bargained. Brad takes on investigator duties for a high-powered defense attorney, and jeopardizes his relationship with his mentor and friend, Nick Argostino.


A Brad Frame Mystery #10​


Beth Montgomery’s uncle buys a suspect painting, plunging Brad into an investigation of the murky world of art forgeries. But when an unexpected death occurs, Brad finds himself balancing protecting family connections with his allegiance to ensuring justice.


A Brad Frame Mystery #11​


Long-time business partner and now retired police detective, Nick Argostino, draws Brad Frame into a bizarre case involving a serial killer, and the daughter of a wealthy recluse seeks Brad's help in proving her husband's infidelity.


A Brad Frame Mystery #12​


When their five-year-old goes missing, a family seeks Brad and Sharon's help because they are frustrated by the lack of progress in the police investigation. While Brad travels to New York City in hopes of unraveling a mystery detailed in a letter he receives from Aunt Harriet.

The Ryan Caldwell Novels


A Ryan Caldwell Novel #1​

Turmoil on a college campus in the wake of the search for a new president. Ryan Caldwell, an enterprising young journalist - conflict in Afghanistan still fresh in his mind - finds himself embroiled in controversy as he exposes hidden secrets that threaten to shake the ivy-covered walls and topple those who hunger for power. Lori DeMarco, the college chaplain, has her own secret. She likes Ryan but is unsure of whether to trust him to help unravel her past.

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A Ryan Caldwell Novel #2​

Ryan Caldwell, a veteran of the Iraq War and aspiring journalist, drops out of college to help his uncle at a Gulf Coast lighthouse. This is no day at the beach as Ryan deals with an approaching storm, conflict with his uncle, and making ends meet in unfamiliar surroundings. With his girlfriend still in Pennsylvania, Ryan faces different temptations.


A Ryan Caldwell Novel #3​

Ryan Caldwell continues his journey to becoming a full-fledged journalist, though it comes with a newspaper that may be on its last legs. The paper's editor seems behind the times as well, giving Ryan one of his biggest challenges.

Standalone Suspense


Dave O’Brien is salvating at his prospects for advancement in the wake of a tragic plane crash that has opened the way for his boss, Congressman Noah Sebring, to become chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee. But Dave has a problem: he’s received a threatening e-mail accompanied by a photo of a young intern, bound and gagged.


The missing girl’s father hires a reporter, Nick DaPrato, to go to Washington and “shake things up.” As the battle for the chairmanship heats up, Dave tries to protect his job, while Nick struggles to keep the search for the intern on the front burner in this epic tale of duplicity and deceit in the nation’s capital.

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