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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit

I'm still reflecting on my recent experience doing my one-man play based on Ben Franklin, thus the title of this post.

One of the things that has struck me as I read Franklin's words is how much he talked about happiness and pleasure. He was the man responsible for adding the words, "Pursuit of Happiness" to our Declaration of Independence. For Franklin, happiness wasn't just idle carelessness. He remained engaged all of his life, in support of his business, his family, scientific and civic causes.

We all go through stages in our lives. As I've gotten older, I find that pursuing happiness is a worthy enterprise. I don't know how many years I'll have left on this earth (although a recent interaction with my investment brokerage firm suggests that actuarial tables give me 26 and a half more years on this planet. I figure I better make the most of it.

Remember the words of that old song, "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative?" That's what I'm trying to do with my life.

Which brings me to Facebook. I feel as if I'm having a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I once enjoyed hearing what far flung friends were up to... new children or grandchildren in their lives, career change, a birthday or anniversary celebration, the publishing of a new book or work in a play. Lately, Facebook seems a place to argue about politics.

I have friends (and even relatives) of all political stripes. I appreciate the diversity of opinion among my friends. I'm just not sure I want to face it a couple of times a day when I log on - hoping to see what people are up to. Stay tuned. Life's a Mystery, right?

And what does this post have to do with being Irish? Like I said, stay tuned.

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