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And so it begins

I've begun working on my latest Brad Frame novel. For fans of the series, this story precedes all the others. It occurs in the fall of 2001, at a time when Brad was the only person working in his agency (aside from his mentor, Nick Argostino). He hadn't quite become a household name in the Philadelphia area, and he's not quite as experienced.

Might we see a few rough edges as he attempts to solve this case? Perhaps. I'll leave that to your reflection after you get a chance to read it later this year.

I usually tell Brad's story in third person, and augment with Sharon's first person accounts. YARD GOAT is in Brad's first person point of view.

About the title... yes, it's an odd one, but relevant to Brad. He has a fascination with trains, real as well as the model railroad in the attic of his Bryn Mawr home. Yard goat is slang for a switch engine in a railroad yard, and it's safe to say that trains will figure in this novel (as they have, large and small, in a few others).

I enjoy writing. With eight books published, I guess I better. There's something about starting a new story and raising questions beginning with page one that the reader will solve/discover during the course of their reading.

Even as I've begun work on this book, I'm plotting my next standalone suspense novel. Readers seem to enjoy both. I'm thinking about the story I want to tell, who the principal characters will be, the setting for it, etc. I've lived in Florida for three years, so I'm thinking about a story set on the Gulf Coast. When I have a title for the new suspense novel. You'll be the first to know. Until then... Life's a Mystery. :-)

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