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Cold Oath

My latest suspense novel was published right before Christmas. A few people have had time to read and provide comments. I'm pleased to share a few reactions:

"Great read! The storyline is relevant to our times and the characters are quite engaging. I would love to see more works with these characters in the future!"

"Flynt’s narrative moves along smoothly, interweaving Ryan’s reporting with his classes and student life. Ryan’s life is slightly shadowed by his military experiences, as he has nightmares and occasionally hears from fellow veterans, but his character also combines curiosity and the kind of dogged chasing down of leads one imagines typical of a reporter. His healthy cynicism allows him to resist attempts by various presidential candidates to influence him, but isn’t strong enough to keep him from gradually growing closer to Lori DeMarco. Flynt does a very nice job balancing their attraction with Lori’s resistance to a casual sexual hookup."

"It’s a fairly fast and enjoyable read, with well-drawn characters and a believable college campus environment, although the solution to the mystery seems almost incidental to the story."

Not too bad for early reactions. If you've had the chance to read COLD OATH, I'd appreciate a review on I'm already hard at work on my next novel. More about that later, because Life's a Mystery.

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